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The Gro Company

The Magic of a Good Night’s Sleep. NoJo is pleased to offer a new line of products from The Gro Company. For over a decade, The Gro Company, a UK-based, award-winning manufacturer of safer sleep solutions, has produced a range of much loved products for babies and young children. The Grobag with its Tog warmth ratings started the baby sleep bag revolution in the UK and has changed the way moms and dads put babies to bed. Along with the Grobag is the Gro-egg, the Gro Anywhere Blind and the Gro-swaddle.  So if you have a newborn baby or an energetic toddler and could use a bit more sleep - you’ve come to the right place. See product details below.

For overviews of each of The Gro Company brands, please see below. You'll find detailed information on all the products when you click any section of interest above, or click the individual logos below.

  Perfect for a newborn until they are big enough to use a Grobag.

  The Lullaby Trust recommends a room temperature of between 61 and 67° F which is really easy to maintain if you have a Gro-egg - just look for the soft yellow glow. The Gro-egg even works well as a gentle night-light. Not bright enough to wake the children, but just enough light to check on your baby in a dark room.


It's not just babies that sleep well in a Grobag. With high quality materials throughout and a unique recommendation from the Lullaby Trust as a safer sleep solution, parents will sleep soundly knowing they've bought the very best for their baby.

Each Grobag comes in two sizes and has a designated Tog rating. A Tog rating indicates the warmth of the product. A Tog of 0.5 is recommended for Hot Temperatures for rooms of 75-81°F; A Tog of 1.0 is recommended for Warm Temperatures for rooms of 69-74°F; A Tog of 2.5 is recommended for Moderate Temperatures for rooms of 61-68°F.

  Portable blackout blind. Now it can be night time, any time. Adapts to fit any window up to a maximum size of 51" /130cm x 78" /198 cm.

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Updated February 21, 2014